The YP Princess Renne project by Theodoros Fotiadis: one year after


07/2010 –

In March last year, interviewed a young designer from Greece named Theodoros Fotiadis (read our article),  who told us about a secret project: Princess Renne, a 170 meters megayacht he was working on. One year after, the project has grown… and here are the first views of what promisses to be a masterpiece.

The vessel was designed to introduce to the Industrial, and Yacht designing worlds respectively  the lines, shapes, materials and colours that can successfully be used harmonically and in a minimalistic vision going forward simultaneously creating a new standard, raising the bar within the aforementioned industries.  That’s how Theodoros Fotiadis proudly presents the YP Princess Renne.

Magnificent and seaworthy

It will be both magnificent and seaworthy, while creating a buzz in and around the water; all while utilizing energy and eco-friendly ideologies for this the first in a line of sustainable and superior vessels.  The Hull is designed to achieve top speeds estimated at 40-45 knots, surpassing all predecessors.

As there are no lesser components to the whole of the piece, even the port holes for the service area and the crew compartment were made to increase intrinsic harmonies within.  Noticing at the stern of the boat there are two oval shaped to where there will be ‘The Beach Place.  “Additionally we have created the submarine chamber and the submarine control room which can host a 30 feet long submarine or two 12 feet submarines”precises Theodoros Fotiadis.


On the next deck we have the crew cabins and amenities to include a gym, an entertainment room plus the cleaning facilities.  The deck between the 3rd and the 4th Hull decks is a full beam Ball room area that is 100 feet long and can host selected events. At the 4th deck moving from bow to the aft we have the Spa area which has Jacuzzi’s, massage tables, and meditation area to host yoga sessions. It’s designed around Zen’s philosophy and will make the owner and selected visitors feel like he/she has been transported into another world.

As we move to the aft we see the gym, and then move toward a salon which has an enclosed swimming pool.  A wine cellar and cigar humidor is located next to the salon and is ready for the owner to choose his favorite tastes.

Before the aft section we have the play room and the chill out salon which shares the aft view with the security room that monitors all the movement on the aft of the vessel.

Enclosed are three elevators plus one service elevator that can function at all levels of the vessel.  Every elevator is accompanied by a surrounding set of wide and easy walking stairs.

The superstructure is a very enlightened space that can be converted to the chosen and most eye secure spot.  Inbox window frames from roof to the floors are fixed with double-paned glass.  Between the windows we have the blinds that can keep out sun and secure further privacy.  On this deck we have the big salon on the front of the superstructure and attached to it is the bar/refreshment area which also serves the breakfast room during morning hours.  Alongside we have six (6) double VIP rooms and a Grand staircase that takes us to the next level.  At the next level we have a Fine Art gallery where the most appropriate pieces can be hosted to accentuate the owners chose motif.  The library and the Internet room are next in the line followed by the Convention room.  On our way towards the bow we see the owners salon which is attached to the very sizable owners quarters.

Owner’s King-size bed is facing the bow and has a horizontal view of 180 degrees.  The accompanying balconies are private as they are isolated from the rest of the deck.

Over the Master suite is the fully equipped bridge for easy access.  Herein will be state of the future systems that will redefine necessity aboard this type of aquatic vessel.  Attached to the bridge is the captain’s cabin and the first officer’s cabin.

The Grande supper area has a VIP table that can seat up to 20 VIP guests plus owners and companion, followed by four rotundas that can seat up to 10 guests each.

Next moving up is the Paradise lounge deck that has a 40 feet long and 20 feet wide oval shape swimming pool that after will can be surrounded by natural green grass; as the teak deck can be retracted.


A big bar and service station is made in the lounge area where guests can relax and get a lot of fresh air.  The construction of the vessel will create a wall around the Paradise deck to retain optimum privacy.

At the end of that deck to the aft we have the Helipad for timely arrival or departure for owner and guests, while utilizing neighbouring space for use as an exterior lounge area.

Preliminary specifications

L.O.A: 170 meters/557.7 feet
Beam:  25 meters/82 feet
Number of decks:  8 (5 hull decks+3 superstructure decks).
Master berth: 1
Guest rooms:  20 VIP+40
Crew cabins:  80

To be continued…

Photo Credit: Theodoros Fotiadis

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