• VG2020 : a desired Cape Horn

    Behind the first five Cape Horners (Bestaven, Dalin, Rettant, Seguin and Dutreux) of this 9th Vendée Globe, 6 IMOCAs grouped together in 150 miles are preparing to finish off the South Seas. At 3:52 pm, Benjamin Dutreux opened the ball for the evening and night passages in front of the lighthouse at the end of the world… in rough conditions.

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  • VG2020 : the race of the bull through the (wind) fields

    Since the ranking of Wednesday 23 December at 3 p.m., Jérémie Beyou has been crossing the Indian Ocean at an average speed of 19.5 knots. In 48 hours, the skipper of Charal had swallowed 750 miles and, in doing so, he passed in turn Manuel Cousin (Groupe Sétin) and Didac Costa (One Planet One Ocean), now showing himself threatening in the wake of Stéphane Le Diraison (Time for Oceans).

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