Garcia Salt 57


True to tradition

Garcia have instructed the Pierre Frutschi design firm to design and develop 6 new models for two ranges: Spice and Salt. The first member of the latter range will be a 57-footer.

Specialists in aluminium shipbuilding since 1975, Garcia produces custom made racing and cruising yachts. This winter’s take-over of the shipyard has made no change to the spirit and working methods of the establishment. The new owner remains loyal to the Garcia brothers’ philosophy and has kept the workshops in Condé-sur-Noireau in lower Normandy, as well as the thirty highly-skilled workers, and continues to work with the same architects. The first product of this new era, the Salt 57, therefore meets all the demanding standards seen on board Garcia yachts for the last 30 years.

The new range starts with a 57-footer

Garcia has called upon the Pierre Frutshi firm of architects to develop its new range. In September 2005, work began on designing then building a sailing yacht with pilot house, to be delivered this summer. The Salt 57 does not really contain any spectacular innovations, but the cockpit has been intelligently designed, with a pilot house with soft or hard top to protect against bad weather. There are three versions (pilot house, central cockpit or saloon), ensuring that the crew of the Salt 57 are always sheltered in all weather. As well as comfort, this offers added safety for the crew.

Garcia values

Garcia is particularly attached to its values, and describes the Salt 57 as focused on three key elements: comfort, performance and autonomy. To achieve this, quality of life on board has been optimised thanks to the new pilot house, and a layout that allows manoeuvring and maintenance by a small crew. There are numerous “à la carte” options available to meet the owner’s needs. As far as performance is concerned, the Salt 57 has a powerful hull and is very stable. It has a generous sail area (164 m²), which gives good displacement (21 tonnes), waterline length (14.90 metres) and allows a very long daggerboard, which is raised and lowered using a 4 lengths pulley block and pre-stretched ropes that run to an electric winch in the cockpit.

Excellent autonomy

The Salt 57 can therefore be safely manoeuvred by a small crew, whilst reaching good average speeds and distances each day. But to make the most of this unit, the yacht has to have decent autonomy. With a 1300 litre diesel tank for the engine (a Volvo Penta 5 cylinders compressed developing 130hp), and another 1300 litre tank for fresh water, the Salt 57 is extremely independent. Moreover, the 110 litre per hour water maker and the generator mean that you can sail without worrying about where the next marina is.

The Salt 57, the first of a new era of Garcia products, is designed mainly for owners looking for freedom, quality of life on board, and the support and maintenance service offered by the Normandy shipyard to all its customers. Tech Specs of Salt 57.


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