Sessa Marine opens a line of showrooms in Italy and abroad


06/2008 –

Sessa Marine continues to work on its brand name and announces the opening of six outlets reflecting its image.

Since April, the Italian group has been inaugurating its Italian showrooms in Taglio di Po, Tropea and Porto Cervo, Denia in Spain and La Napoule in France. Before the end of the year, four new outlets representing the Italian brand will see the day: three in Italy and one in Croatia.
These past few years, Sessa Marine has worked fervently on the development of a consistent brand image, built on the sum of its communication vectors, from advertising to trade shows, including all promotion-type documents for its boats.

Today, the aim is to complement this action plan by involving the franchise holders in the project, creating a Sessa Marine universe, all the way through to the outlets. The layout of the Sessa showrooms, where white and light predominate, was entrusted to the young designer from the Christian Grande brand: “We chose to use a majority of glossy materials and lacquers which contrast with the leather elements and matt surfaces in a play of light. White is omnipresent on the walls, floors and furniture, achieving the primary goal: luminosity. The use of large glass-panelled areas and mirrors allows us to amplify the notion of space and depth”. And these choices were not made by chance, as light, glass-panelled surfaces and mirrors are also the structural elements which constitute the personality of the new Sessa yacht range; to be revealed in 2009 with the first C65. Finally, presentation of future projects is represented by videos, with lounge music in the background, to give shape to heavenly crafts which remain, for the moment, beyond reality.

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