Sessa powers the C68 with IPS 1200

At the time of its launch in September 2009, Sessa Marine’s flagship the C68 impressed with its extraordinary design and validated the brand’s entry into the universe of large yachts. Today the C68 has been given a facelift with a brand new interior and an IPS 1200 engine.

One of the first yachts to be equipped with the latest generation of engines from Volvo Penta, the most recent and most powerful generation. The C68 is the fifth boat to have an IPS engine revealed by Sessa. Above and beyond its flawless manoeuvrability, IPS technology now offers the C68 a 25% increase in autonomy by comparison with the previous engines and still continues to perform to perfection. During the test (see attached document), the C68 easily reached 35 knots. Furthermore, noise levels in the lounge have been reduced by 40% thanks to the IPS and technological developments carried out by the shipyard in collaboration with the University of Brescia to produce insulating panels.

Optimizing space

The new engine has also allowed the space at the back of the boat to be reorganized, now offering a more spacious engine room and a new access point onto the deck. The crew cabin now has a separate bathroom and extra seating that can be converted into a bed. For this yacht with its powerful design and undeniable harmony, Sessa now offers several choices of decoration and layout, including the latest Cocoa version. A perfect blend of brown Havana leathers contrasting with the ivory-coloured fabrics, impeccably matching the splendid metallic brown lacquer. These subtle blends of colour and materials demonstrate the now assertive style of designer Christian Grande. Note also the new layout of the lounge, available without the bar to open up the visual perspective.

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