• Couach 2800 Open : technologic and aesthetic

    Spearhead of the open range of Guy Couach, model 2 800, available in spring 2005, confirms the will of dynamism and modernism of the French shipyard, and profits from the new provisions of the building site aiming at increasing its production. This maxi-yacht presents an elegant and offensive line while respecting performances and refinement criteria […]

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  • Sarnico 50

    Shown for the first time at the International Boat Show in Genoa 2004, Sarnico 50 is an elegant “coupé” presenting a vast cockpit and offering a luxurious and complete interior (3 cabins and bathrooms). Sarnico 50 was computer designed and was built by a robotized chain. The architects, Carlo Nuvolari and Dan Lenard produced a […]

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  • Sealine S38: the point of technology

    In the 40 feet range, the English manufacturer, Sealine, once more shows its know-how with this model at the point of technology, the S38 Sealine. One of the most innovative aspects of this high-speed open motorboat is its electric system, named Seaplex. Majority of the boat systems (lighting, instruments, diodes, etc.) are connected to the […]

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