Alliaura Privilège 585: the largest of Alliaura

Alliaura-Privilege-585Drawn by Marc Lombard and decorated by Dièdre, Privilege 585 is the largest catamaran of the range of the French shipyard Alliaura. Out of Sables d’Olonne shipyard, stress was laid on comfort.

The deck, released well of the elements of superstructure, facilitates operations or circulation for the  passengers. Sun baths naturally come to take seat with before yacht. The cockpit is protected by a fixed rain awning and the post of coxswain is slightly raised, thus improving the vision in navigation. The length of the hull, suitable for the range of the Privileges, allows the addition of a front stay for a staysail.

The ward room is composed of a broad unbleached bench and a table in rosy beech facing a table with a little small chart. On the starboard side, a small living room of three armchairs and a coffee table make it possible to take glass close to the bar. The high frank-bord gets a good head room in the 4 or 5 cabins, with the choice. All the cabins are double and equipped with their own bathroom.

The motorization can be of 2×100 HP. or 2×130 HP for two reserves of 750 liters each one. The unit is balanced by fixed ailerons and not drifts for a draught of 1.75m.

To the port as in cruising this boat is designed for comfort but attention it requires a little experiment in the operations.

NauticNews Tech Specs of Alliaura Privilège 585

The range of Alliaura Marine on NauticNews

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