Sarnico 50

Shown for the first time at the International Boat Show in Genoa 2004, Sarnico 50 is an elegant “coupé” presenting a vast cockpit and offering a luxurious and complete interior (3 cabins and bathrooms). Sarnico 50 was computer designed and was built by a robotized chain. The architects, Carlo Nuvolari and Dan Lenard produced a full-scale model for the interior fitting. The hull of Sarnico 50 enables it to breast the waves smoothly and safely, and brings a considerable profit speed while reducing consumption. A great care was taken to the soundproofing.

The very special design of the hardtop and the side openings give to this sporting high-speed motorboat an aggressive and powerful look, confirmed by its performances. An electromechanical system out of automobile technology allows the sliding of the roof to discover the whole cockpit. The foredeck was reduced in order to offer more space to
the cockpit, with a comfortable sundeck.

The under-deck of the Sarnico 50, available in two versions, offers an inhabitability generally met on boats of bigger size, while maintaining the level of comfort characteristic of this shipyard. Sobriety, luxury and perfect completion.

Sarnico 50 leaves the shipyard equipped with technological solutions generally suggested in option. This, not only to reduce costs, but also to ensure an optimal installation of the

The standard version of Sarnico 50 is powered by two 700 HP MAN engines, with the possibility of an even more powered motorization (730, 800 or 900 HP).

First photos in our gallery.

NauticNews Tech Specs of Sarnico 50

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