Oyster 82

Oyster-82It is in the British shipyard Oyster that a new luxury sailing ship, drawn by Rob Humphreys, was born. Oyster 82 combines English elegance with a perfect behaviour at sea.

The yacht, product with thousand specimens, is perfectly designed for long cruisings. The pilot house, well protected, makes it possible to release completely a second cockpit, ahead, for the passengers. The deck elements are hidden or embedded thus giving a maximum of comfort and safety on the open sea.

The sailing area, well proportioned, is articulated around a great mast with three levels of bars and arrows.

The mainsail roller is either in the mast or the boom. As a cutter, Oyster 82 is equipped with a Yankee and a staysail located very ahead.

From the cockpit one reaches the deck living room, characteristic of Oyster. On port side, one can find a table surrounded by a bench, and on starboard is the chart table. The sight is almost panoramic thanks to the many port-holes. Slightly of against bottom, on the starboard side, is located the main ward room, which bench faces a large plasma screen
and a bar. In the port side gangway, after having passed a small office, one reaches the galley and the two front cabins for the crew (3 people). From the deck living room, while going towards the poop, one arrives in a gangway separating two guests cabins to arrive in the owner cabin.

The motor compartment is roomy and functional. Oyster 82 is equipped with 300 HP Caterpillar and a gazoil reserve of 3500 liters.

To combine luxury and series it is the successful bet of the Oyster shipyard.

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