Swan 45 : Exceptional quality and performances

Nautor-Swan-45Exceptional quality and performances define these Finnish sailing ships. Built by Nautor in Pietarsaari (Finland) and designed by the architect German Frers, Swan 45 does not make exception to this rule. Monotype, this Swan shows remarkable performances in regatta as well as in cruising.

The particularly low frank-board of the sailing ship and the roof almost disappearing in the bridge, make the line of this Swan resolutely one of a big racer. The sailing ship, rigged into 9/10 around a carbon mast has two stages of bars of pushing arrows. The boat hauls the wind perfectly and the precision of its bar has no equal. The upperworks and the sheets are dissimulated under the roof and the teak bridge.

The broad and comfortable cockpit goes down towards a traditional mess room, the elements of which are in extra-light sandwich. The chart table on starboard faces the kitchen located on port side. The benches of the living room are raised to become basket and the front cabin is made of two twin beds. With the poop seats the owner cabin and a second bathroom. As an option, the shipyard can add a third cabin.

The engine is a 55 HP Volvo particularly discrete, sign of a good soundproofing. Swan 45 combines a profile cut for the race with an ideal interior for family cruising.

NauticNews Tech Specs of Swan 45

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