Riva Rivale : the fusion between elegance and sobriety

Riva A

The nautical press has always spoken in high terms of the Riva line of boats; the Rivale does not make exception to this rule. Specialists greet the fusion between elegance and sobriety for this series. Indeed, from the back platform to the cockpit, passing by the sunbath and the deck living room, a feeling of fluidity and harmony emerges of the Rivale. To this beauty is added the functionality of installation and the sophistication of the equipment characteristic of the high level yachting: space, air-conditioning, electric winding bimini, automatic “at sea” system for the tender… Nevertheless, the absence of balcony and the dimension of the gangways penalize the Rivale in terms of safety.

The search for aesthetic and functionality is also perceptible with the inside of the boat; the three comfortable cabins (among which a crew cabin) have a bathroom and the American kitchen is hidden behind a panel. The decoration with a preference for clear materials and metal does not escape the minimalist tendency. As always, the shipyard does not forget details of equipment.

Powered by two 1050 HP Man engines, the Rivale reaches a nice max speed of 40 knots. More, the flexibility of the hull enables a sporting piloting. The stem propeller consolidates the precision of the operations.

NauticNews Tech Specs of Riva Rivale

The range of Riva on NauticNews

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