Apreamare 145 : A comfortable family cruiser


Apreamare’s new 14-metre model has the same subtle lines as all Ferretti boats. After the success of the 16-metre model, a revolution in the range, the next logical step for the manufacturer was to continue diversifying its range which, until now, was restricted to small cruisers.


Like its predecessor, the 145 enjoys an exceptionally wide deck, without the massive appearance that was the 16-meter version’s main drawback. The elongated wheelhouse (open or enclosed depending on the version) frees more interior space and offers exceptional comfort for a model this size. The electric sunroof and side bay windows let in plenty of light. When it comes to space, the Apreamare 145 easily competes with a cabin cruiser. The swimming deck and forward sundeck are also spacious. On a safety note, the catwalks are wide, well protected and secured by a high handrail.


The Apreamare 145 comes in two versions. One is equipped with three double cabins, including two guest cabins on either side of the central companionway. The other version comes with two cabins, leaving room for a second indoor salon. All versions have two bathrooms and a salon that converts into 6 berths, plus a single-berth crew cabin. And there is enough stowage space to meet the passenger capacity. Moving around on board is remarkably easy. The circular bench seat, which does not back on to the transom, facilitates access to the cockpit. The predominant use of cherry-wood makes for a warm and comfortable interior.


The typical shallow V-shape of Apreamare boats requires particularly powerful engines. The 145 is equipped with two 730 hp MAN engines giving maximum speeds of 32 knots and a cruising speed of 27 knots, with satisfactory sound levels. The lift-off is quick, although the load transfer does tend to cause the bow to lift at first, and flaps are necessary to keep the right trim. However, the boat’s impressive structure gives good stability in rough seas. Designed for family cruising, the Apreamare 145 is fully equipped for rest and relaxation. Tech Specs of Apreamare 145

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