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The Mystic 44 is the latest model from Normandy-based brand Arcoa. Despite an excellent reputation in yachting circles for producing reliable, comfortable and functional boats, Arcoa was off the market for eight years until it was bought by French manufacturers ACM a few years ago. There are three models in the Arcoa range, the Open 38, the Mystic 39 launched three years ago, and now the flagship Mystic 44, with the same hull as ACM’s Dynasty 43.

Above deck

The Mystic 44‘s retro design is reminiscent of the old luxury lobster-boats, with long lines and a great deal of wood, especially on the outer deck, entirely covered in teak. The aft platform provides access on board the Mystic 44, and leads to the cockpit with its wide central opening with double gates. The large forward sundeck is ideal for lazing in the sun, and there is a second sundeck in the cockpit, as well as several bench seats against the transom.

Below deck

Another central opening leads to the wheelhouse, with its impressive 360° visibility thanks to a wide windscreen and large side and aft bay windows. Three of the windows open electronically. The hard-top also has electronic controls, and lets even more light into the small lounge area. In the wheelhouse, there is a saloon to starboard, facing a small bench seat on the other side. On the lower level, the owner’s cabin has a double bed with a unique, round shape. In the centre, the fully equipped galley stands opposite another cabin with twin berths. Each cabin has its own private shower room. Arcoa offers an alterative layout with a third cabin in place of the galley, which moves to the wheelhouse.

To propel all 10.5 tons of the Mystic 44, the Normandy shipyard offers two engine options, with maximum power provided by two 460 hp Caterpillar engines that generate a cruising speed of around 25 knots and a maximum speed of close to 30 knots. On top of all its other assets, you can expect very respectable performance from this superb unit.

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