Baia One: Wider is better

06/2006 –


This year, rather than going for length to keep ahead of the competition, the Baia shipyard in Naples believes that wider is better. The new Baia One is nothing less than a marvel of exterior and interior design. Baia’s latest model, destined mainly for day use, is the latest addition to a range of 6 yachts.

Above Deck
Simply magnificent. Those are the words that spring to mind when contemplating the sleek outline of the Baia One. The 4.62 metre width creates a silhouette that sits very low in the water, whilst the deck plan has been honed down to the strict minimum to offer a breathtaking amount of space. Also, the cockpit is custom designed according to the client’s wishes, with, for example, folding chaises longues rather than a sun deck. The large bathing platform is connected to the cockpit by a wide opening in the rear transom. A C-shaped saloon sits opposite the mini-bar, sheltered from the wind by the slanting windshield.

Below Deck

The same minimalist spirit is present below deck. In summary, the Baia One is a floating loft space with no bulkheads, and the sense of space is impressive. To port, there is a comfortable L-shaped bench seat that serves as a lounge, a huge V-shaped bench seat in the bow and a galley to starboard. The toilets are the only area separated from the rest of the interior. The overall feeling is very pleasant, and the deck hatch under the windshield, just forward of the above-deck saloon area, lets in plenty of natural light. The width of 4.62 metres also contributes to the sense of space.

The engines installed on board the Baia One explain why this model has been called number one. With two surface propellers driven by 2 x 350 hp engines and generating speeds of close to 50 knots, the Neapolitan manufacturer is certainly aiming to outdo the competition. tech Specs of Baia One

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