Voiles d’Antibes 2006

10/2006 –

Full sail ahead in Antibes

The 11th Voiles d’Antibes, held from May 31st to June 4th 2006, is now another prestigious stage of the Panerai Classic Yachts Challenge, along with the likes of Imperia and Cannes. This change was decided last year, to celebrate the regatta’s 10th anniversary. For both participants and the public, this well-organised event was anything but disappointing, with superb sailing conditions, plenty to see and do on land, and to crown it all, a good strong wind.

Three windy races

For the opening of the regattas on Thursday June 1st, the weather was perfect, which is pretty rare in the Mediterranean. The white caps of the Alps gleaned in the sunshine against a clear blue sky as a few white horses picked up on the turquoise sea between Antibes and Cagnes sur Mer. With over 15 knots of wind, the classic yachts, some of which had come straight from their winter makeovers, fought out a beautiful battle at sea.  The new modifications to Moonbeam IV‘s hull proved to be effective, but despite a good first race, in the end she took second place behind Bona Fide, which kept up a constant performance and kept the lead in the Vintage Gaff Rig class. Although Friday’s race had to be cancelled when conditions became too challenging, all of the other 5 classes also competed in the three races that were held (Vintage Marconi A and B, Classics, Spirit of Tradition and the Twelve Class).

What next?

With over 50 classic yachts in the water, the Voiles d’Antibes reaffirmed its status as the largest spring regatta in the Mediterranean. Meanwhile, events on land proved just as successful, with a very welcoming open village where visitors could rub shoulders with the crews and enjoy the special events and concerts held every night on the docks. The Voiles d’Antibes brought a breath of optimistic fresh air to the Port Vauban, and restored the city of Antibes’s nautical vocation. The whole town came alive, and for 5 beautiful days of sailing, the port became more than just Europe’s largest marina, before sinking back into its usual sad state of lethargy.

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