Wally Power 70

02/2007 –

Futuristic design


WallyPower is a relatively recent Italian-Monegasque manufacturer producing unique models with an unprecedented silhouette reminiscent of an airplane. The boats are designed by Luca Bassani, an outstanding architect who brilliantly combines luxury and non-conformism.

Above deck

From the outside, the WallyPower 70 has remarkable lines that have been designed to perfection. This is a yacht that combines all the sensations of a sailing yacht with those of a fighter plane. The extremely sleek silhouette is highly contemporary and the grey colour accentuates the boat’s futuristic look even more. The deck is entirely covered in teak and the whole atmosphere is completely minimalist. Both the aft and the forward sundecks are comfortable and spacious, and on either side of the aft sundeck there is easy access to the large bathing platform, also covered in teak.

Below deck

Once you step through the sliding doors into the wheelhouse, there is still a feeling of being outdoors, because the WallyPower 70‘s superstructure is built entirely of glass that screens UV light.

Inside, the minimalist ambiance continues, with a saloon area formed by two facing bench seats. To blend with the overall design, the helm station is also highly futuristic, and the boat can be steered using a joystick. Depending on the owner’s tastes, the WallyPower 70 comes in three different versions with different cabin layouts that reflect the modular design of this boat. The model can be delivered with a large saloon that takes up most of the space below deck, or in two other versions with more sleeping capacity. To offer optimum comfort to all guests, a preferable solution is to opt for three double cabins with en suite bathrooms. However, if the only thing that really counts is the owner’s own comfort, the Wally Power 70 comes with a very simple plan with a vast master cabin in the bow. Of course, the interior is full of teak, and the angular furniture echoes the contemporary style of the rest of the boat.


The engines are just as impressive as the boat’s silhouette, with two MTU engines of 1520 hp each. This unique model is equipped with water jet drives. With a peak speed of 40 knots, the performance is quite simply staggering for a boat this size. Tech Specs of Wallypower 70

The range of Wally on

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