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04/2007 –

Poncin, yachting inspiration.

Poncin Yachts builds and markets three different but complementary ranges of sailing yachts: the Catana catamaran range and the Diva and Harmony single hull ranges. The latter have been so successful that the shipyard, based in La Rochelle, is investing in new and innovative production techniques.

Founded in 2001, Poncin Yachts went public in May 2005, joining Bénéteau, Couach and Rodriguez Group on Euronext’s Second Marché in Paris. The company’s stock market value instantly soared, in part thanks to its new Harmony range unveiled to overall acclaim at the Paris boat show in 2004. In May 2006, the one hundredth unit left the Marans production site, which turned out a boat a day between March and July! After a two year study, in 2005 Poncin Yachts invested over 15 million Euros in this 10 000 m2 plant near La Rochelle, installing high performance production tools and an innovative industrial process developed by Boat Industry System, with a view to supporting its business development and achieving its objective of producing 1000 units in 2006/2007.

A revolutionary production site.

With the help of specialised design offices working with industrial composites, Poncin Yachts has developed new production tools for composite materials, using closed-mould technology. This process produces the highest and most constant quality of polyester, using vacuum injection techniques to guarantee the homogenous spread of resin across all sections of the mould, giving greater rigidity at a constant weight. Every parameter is controlled by robots via sensors. On, CEO Olivier Poncin announced this as a “unique shipyard using advanced automation and maximum standardization of parts to produce a new range of yachts focused on 9-15 metre single hull units, a category that represents about 80% of the sailing yacht market”.

Full sail ahead.

At the Cannes and La Rochelle boat shows, Poncin Yachts presented its “Elégance” version of the Harmony 47. This limited edition comes with cosier interiors whilst still offering good value for money, a priority for the brand. Poncin just never stops growing, and in 2007, the range will be extended with a flagship unit plus its smaller sister. The company’s blend of innovation and ambition was recently awarded the prize for best business strategy 2005 by the magazine Horizon Croissance in partnership with the Banque de Développement des PME, OSEO-ANVAR. At the same time, a joint venture agreement has just been signed with the Chinese company QINGDAO YILUFA, to manufacture and sell the upmarket White Shark models in Asia. Kelt, the company behind the White Shark range, became part of Poncin Yachts in March 2006, giving the group a solid footing in the motor yacht market.

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