Cantieri di Sarnico acquires Giacomo Colombo

06/2007 –

Cantieri di Sarnico just reached an agreement for the buyout of the Shipyard Giacomo Colombo.

The renowned shipyard of the Como lake, founded by Giacomo Colombo himself in 1956, has marked the Italian nautical pleasure boat history, first with the hand-crafted production of wooden motorboats and then with the semi-industrial expansion with the models in fibreglass. Anyway, whichever the typology and the dimension of the boat was, Giacomo Colombo has always characterized his boats through the research of the quality and the perfect performance of each unit, stating in this way the value of the trademark in Italy and abroad, even overseas. Still today, some models, like the famous Super Indios 24 XL and Romance 32, are precious boats made matching two components like the fibreglass and the mahogany, that carefully worked following unique methodologies, guarantee the charm of the wood and the duration of the fibreglass.

The present annual production is around forty boats, built by a staff of 35 workers in the shipyard of Menaggio and Bene Lario. The catalogue consists of a dozen of models, from 25 up to 44 feet, all primly refined and equipped with the best accessories and installations available on the market. A construction philosophy that meets perfectly the policy of Cantieri di Sarnico, producers of high-level boats from 40 to 65 feet. In the next years, Giacomo Colombo will remain in the company to assure the continuity of the tradition, style and quality.

In this way the value of the trademark will only be able to grow, maintaining on one hand the features that has made it famous until today and utilize, on the other hand, the resources, the technologies and the organization of a bigger company, that has always had as key objective of its progress purposes the preciousness of the style and the importanceof the technical innovation, in order to constantly improve the quality of the boats.

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