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A new addition

The Ovni 495 was launched in early 2007 by Alubat, a manufacturer that has been producing aluminium boats since 1973. The 495 is the 23rd sailing yacht in the OVNI series of multi-chined lifting keel yachts designed for the high seas.

The Ovni 495 is the range’s new flagship since the 56 ceased production in 1991. Easily recognisable thanks to their distinctive aft arch, OVNI sailing yachts are generally to be found toughing it out on the world’s more difficult seas. Back in 1973 when Alubat was founded, the fashion was for polyester keel boats that all looked alike, but this manufacturer made the daring choice of opting for aluminium, lifting keels and customisation of its mass-produced models. The rigidity, resistance and light weight of aluminium helped Alubat become specialised in long-haul sailing yachts.

An all-weather sailing yacht

Designed to replace the 455, the Ovni 495 has all the distinctive features of the range. From 3.15 m when the centreboard is down, the draught drops to 95 cm when lifted using the hydraulic cylinder with electric control. With a light displacement of just 12.5 tons, the 495 is at home in all types of conditions. As well as these standard features, the flagship comes with some new characteristics. Having already worked on 19 models in the range, Philippe Briand has this time opted for rounded lines for a more modern look. The aluminium hull is as sturdy as ever but the waterline is longer: 13.25 m for an overall length of 14.95 m, offering more space below deck.

Designed to last

This latest OVNI model can be customised to meet the needs of each owner. The standard version comes with three cabins, with a fourth one available as an option. Launching and trials are scheduled for June 2007, after which sales of the Ovni 495 should literally take off. Alubat has a long-standing commitment to excellence in design and construction, guaranteeing reliable, long-lasting products, as confirmed by the high prices the OVNI’s fetch on the second hand market. Tech Specs of Ovni 495

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