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Launched in 1881, the Van Dam Nordia shipyard came to yachting in 1908. After world war II, when the yachting industry is getting back, the dutch shipyard takes decisive turns. It launches its first customizable sailing yacht in 1956. 12 years later, the aluminium replaces the wood and Van Dam Nordia enlarges its range and productions. In 2004 it launched its first 100 feet unit: Psyrax. In 2008, the family shipyard announced the launching of its new admiral. This will be a fully 120 feet customizable sloop.

Century crossing
Van Dam Nordia closes its first century of yachting with a smile. In 2007 was launched Ophira V, an 80 feet “traditional” and the production of a 70 feet “Performance Cruiser“. This unit should be delivered in July 2008, when the production of a second unit has just started. This range distinguished by lightness, comfort and speed, is successful since the very beginning. The new admiral will perfectly fit into this new range. This aluminium 120 feet sloop will only be 123 tons displacement. She will get the keel from the Van Dam Nordia Ballisto, which brings optimum stability for a draft of only 11,5 ft (3.5 meters). Fully customizable, the last born from the Aalsmeer based shipyard (in the Netherlands) wants to seduce owners seeking for comfort and nautical shivers.

A new century.
Van Dam Nordia starts its second century of yachting ambitiously. 2008 will not only see the launch of the new admiral, but also the arrival of a new Project Manager. As Pim Schulp decided to set up in business on his own, Robert den Hamer will take on his function. He worked for Moonen for the last 17 years and has been rewarded for the 115 feet My Issue and the 94 feet Nilo. Robert den Hamer choosed a smaller shipyard, smaller but ambitious because not anyone has a century of yachting.

The range of Van Dam Nordia on

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