Colombo Super Indios 24: absolute vintage

Colombo_Super_Indios_24.jpgUntil today the entry level Colombo could only be offered in mahogany or imitation wood, while now it is also available in white version which exalts its elegant lines. The touches of teak on deck offers a beautiful contrast with the paint and brings a striking modernity to the model, while the metallic blue dashboard reinforces its retro styling.

The Super Indios 24‘ has a style unlike any other contemporary craft. The refinement of the finishing is comparable with a luxury collectors’ car and can be seen in the smallest detail: from the flawless steel, to the smallest stitch in the upholstery or the perfection in every grain of teak. This teak can be found not only on the cockpit floor and bathing platform, but it also adorns the centre of the bow and its edge, the dashboard and the two beautiful and functional footplates either side of the cockpit.

The two seats behind the windshield and the C shaped bench seat offer space for as many as eight people, all well protected from the wind. The large sun pad at the stern is protected with the padded raised edges of the boat, allowing passengers to lie outstretched on it, even in navigation.  Respite from the hottest hours of the day can be had using the refuge area at the bow, comfortably furnished with a soft mattress and padding.

The Colombo Super Indios 24 is precise, secure in the water with a very sporty feel and is capable of reaching 41 knots in an instant with the eager 225 horse power, petrol, sterndrive Volvo Penta 4.3 Gxi. While the “DuoProp” allows for an agile and exciting drive. The cruising speed ranges from 21 knots at 3000 rpm up to 37 knots at 4500 rpm with the boat always in perfect trim, a clear sign of the heritage of Colombo speedboats. Tech Specs of Colombo Super Indios 24

The range of Colombo on

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