Birth of the first Couach Mega Yacht


Great success at Couach last July 15th : The first 50-meter hull removed from its form.
The French brand thus takes its first steps in the Mega-Yachting market. The next stage is the installation of all technical equipment before the hull and deck assembly scheduled in October, which will be the other mains construction step of this Couach 5000 Fly Mega-Yacht .

Technological Prowess
The construction of this two-third infusion hull is a big first in Europe for a yacht of this size. In 1970 Couach already built the first yacht in Aramat a fibre glass/Kevlar complex elaborated in collaboration with Du Pont de Nemours. Today, its avant-garde audacity Couach comes back into the spotlight with this Mega-Yacht born of the infusion technology that the builder is mastering from several years now in the manufacture of less important parts.

For the realization of this 5000 Fly the shipyard has designed a new deep V-shaped hull and a new transom which will enable her to easily attain 30 knots. Hull tests made it possible to optimize the power necessary to reach the various stages and to minimize consumption. This hull tests revealed autonomy of 4200 miles at 12 knots, with consumption at 170 litres per hour and the obvious hydrodynamic qualities for which Couach is famous.

One of these strong points will be its very short radius of gyration thanks to its designed rudder blades. This Mega-Yacht will additionally be equipped with a doubled stabilization system of 0 speed to 16 knots, and a system of fines to ensure the stability and comfort aboard the vessel at a cruising speed of 25 knots.

A Mega Building for a Mega-Yacht
A 4 000 m2²and 18 m high building was specially erected to accommodate the hull and assembly this Mega-Yacht.

The hull is now placed in the central nave, cushioned on cradles which will accompany her until the day the doors of the hangar open to release this splendid ship and to watch her part to discover new horizons.

As for the mold, it has been readjusted in preparation of the forthcoming hull for the second 50 metres Couach Mega-Yacht whose delivery is scheduled for 2010. tech Specs of Couach 5000

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