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02/2009 –

The first Next Sly Contest has been won by 3 italian engineers, Davide Tagliapietra, Massimo De Luca and Alberto Pozzo, with their Green Cruiser 50 project. This project was unanimously acknowledged by the jury as the winner among 14 competitors, gaining the well-deserved 5.000 € prize.

In spite of the high planning level of all the projects, Green Cruiser 50 resulted for the whole jury the most innovative and fabulous design, the best interpreter and witness of Sly Yachts style and the spirit of the contest.

Ecological and innovative
The absolutely innovative and ecological approach resides in the originality and the highly innovative content of all the proposed solutions, especially in the appendixes, and in the very unique pending ballast. This new idea has a lot of limits in terms of reproducibility on an industrial scale, but it revolutionizes the point of view, provoking a big interest in deeper investigations, especially in the appendixes, and in the very unique pending ballast.

Leaving out the most original aspects of the steering and the bulb, this is definitively a very good yacht, with an intelligent deck layout and a more than useful interior, with a great aesthetic personality too. The hull, even if less spectacular than the others, has a clean line, modern and at the same time enough timeless, not being subject to the dictates of fashion. The general impression was that of being in front of a project carried out with the maximum zeal and care for research.

Proud of the outcome, and striving as always to improve on its achievements, the shipyard has decided to make this competition a biennial event, so as to offer a better timeframe for preparing project documentation. According to the new calendar, the contest regulations will be presented for the 2009 Barcelona Boat Show, and the award ceremony will be held at the Genoa Boat Show in autumn 2010. This once again shows its desire to organize an international, travelling event dedicated to young talent.
Sly_Green_Cruiser_50_plans.jpg Tech Specs of Green Cruiser 50.


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