X-Yachts Xc 42 : tested the hard way


03/2009 –

After her first tests in hard conditions, the Xc 42 shows to be stable and consistent with the philosophy of the new “Cruising” range of X-Yachts. This range aims at enabling the shipyards’ fans to sail more quietly. The new hull, larger and deeper, appears to be safer though the sail capabilities of the northern yachts are still the same. After the Xc 45 that visited during last Nautic in Paris, the new range has been completed by a 42 ft, while the 50 ft is due to be launched in 2010.

The range seduces

End of January, in the Baltic sea, the team of X-Yachts tested her last born yacht. Traditionnaly, those tests are performed before the production starts. It is then still possible to correct the last details before the first shippings. But, showed for the first time during last Düsseldorf boat show where the Xc 45 was awarded “Best European Sailing Yacht” [see our article] the Xc 42 reached expectations. Niels Ditmar, X-Yachts’ head engineer and a former Admiral’s Cup and One Ton winner was really pleased: “She has such high stability and long waterlines that the gusts just made her heel a few degrees more and accelerate. She was a joy to sail and very comfortable despite the freezing conditions.” The testings of the second sailing yacht of the “Cruising” range validated the choices of the shipyard. These choices are probably part of the success of the Xc 45 (30 units already sold) and of the Xc 42 (20 units ordered). The shipyard seems to be successful in its daring bet that consists in proposing cruising yachts after 30 years spent on regattas. Tech Specs of Xc 42
. Tech Specs of Xc 45.


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