Superyachts and Planes; landing on water, stowed at sea


03/2009 –

Danish Yacht and LISA Airplanes announced during last Monaco Yacht Show their collaboration, in the first of their plans to develop new projects and provide additional benefits and initiatives to superyacht owners and captains.

Danish Yacht, a modern superyacht shipyard located in Skagen in Denmark, and LISA Airplanes are exploring the market of combining superyachts and light airplanes, providing what could soon become an essential and unique resource to the global superyacht community.

The LISA ‘AKOYA’ aircraft features folding wings. Each wing is able to individually rotate aft on the airplane, providing easy stowage on the deck of any superyacht.  With low fuel consumption, the lightweight AKOYA is ideal for storage on yachts and is able to take off and land on water, by using its specially designed hydrofoil system.

Erick Herzberger from LISA Airplanes, said, “We are very pleased to be working alongside Danish Yacht to design a unique system for superyachts to carry pleasure aircraft. For the future, we have a strategy in place, with our aircraft engineers and designers to further develop our range of airplanes to produce larger aircraft, which can also be used with large yachts. The joint input from the design team at Danish Yacht and LISA Airplanes is already proving these innovations are taking us to a successful partnership.”

Jonathan McDonnell from Danish Yacht, agreed, “We are delighted to be working alongside LISA Airplanes in this new collaboration to bring aircraft and superyachts still closer together. We are constantly researching and analysing new ways of bringing additional benefits to owners and their captains, which are in keeping with the design, aesthetics and functionality of their yachts.  This is proving to be an extremely exciting project.”

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