Another big one bites the dust: Royal Denship bankrupt

05/2009 –

A few weeks ago, the Bankruptcy Court in Aarhus has adjucated the danish custom-yacht builder Royal Denship bankrupt. Just a few lines strike the website of this impressive shipyard, known through brilliant creations in the domain of luxury sailing yachts like Ranger or Fidel, as well as Expedition Yachts with Force Blue (ex Big Roi) and her 62 meters, or Turmoil (almost 64 meters), Classics yachts with the magnificient Princess Mariana (78 meters) or open yachts with the 85 feet launched in 2007. A big name of the yachting industry has disappeared, let’s hope it will rebirth from dust before its know-how definitely disappears.

See tech specs of Royal Denship yachts

– AlP –

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