Grand Banks unveils the new 41 Heritage model using Cummins Zeus Propulsion System


06/2009 –

Grand Banks Yachts announced a new addition to its trawler-style Heritage Series. The Grand Banks 41 Heritage EU displays the same timeless lines and distinctive “Europa” styling that have made earlier models popular around the world for decades. But innovative approaches to design, production, and on-board technology make the 41EU a standout among its GB predecessors and new competitors alike.

The two-stateroom 41EU will be the first Grand Banks to utilize the Zeus Propulsion System from Cummins MerCruiser Diesel, a revolutionary new propulsion system launched in 2006. The twin Zeus pods, mounted in tunnels in the hull, are steerable and use independent vectoring for dramatically improved high-speed handling and easier docking. Cruising speeds with twin Cummins QSB5.9 diesels are estimated at 14 to 16 knots, with estimated top speeds of 22 to 24 knots based on engine size.

The Zeus pod system provides two other important benefits: greater fuel efficiency – with an estimated 30% increased fuel economy at a higher cruising speed – and more living space, with the pods requiring less area devoted to the engine room than traditional shaft drive systems.

“We have devoted considerable time and research to making the new 41EU a top performer in all respects, from handling and speed and fuel economy, to reliability and seaworthiness, style and comfort,” Said Rob Livingston, President of Grand Banks Yachts. “We were very impressed by the Zeus drive, Cummins’ Quantum engine technology, and their approach to systems integration. It opened up all kinds of opportunities to make this an ideal boat for both new and current GB owners.”

Featuring an advanced joystick control system, Zeus also delivers precise turning and closequarters maneuvering, with a unique station-keeping feature that uses GPS technology to keep the 41EU firmly in place. It also maintains a fixed heading within a tight area, even in strong currents.

The 41 Heritage EU is the first boat of her kind to utilize the new Zeus system.

Grand Banks Yachts is bringing other advancements to the design and construction of the 41EU. Three different modified deep-V hull forms were exhaustively tank-tested to optimize the design for efficiency at both high and low speeds. The lines of the deckhouse add contemporary nuances to the iconic GB profile. And interior layouts continue the company’s recent trend toward a more sophisticated, stylish living spaces.

Not to be overlooked, the new model’s 41-foot size is itself of notable importance. Since the retirement of the best-selling 42 Heritage model in 2005, demand for a new Grand Banks Heritage Series model in the 40-foot range has grown strong among consumers worldwide. Tech Specs of Grand Banks 41 Heritage EU

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