New Yacht Controller EVO


06/2009 –

The Yacht Controller EVO is a wireless remote control for all boat using electronic engine control.

Winner of the NMMA “Best Technological Innovation 2004” at the Miami Boat Show and with more than 2 700 installed units on more than 90 different brands of yachts, YACHT CONTROLLER S.r.l. launches on the market its new YACHT CONTROLLER Evo.

The new wireless transmitter YACHT CONTROLLER Evo, with its amazing design, in the metallic grey and blue colors, replaces the previous YACHT CONTROLLER.

YACHT CONTROLLER Evo has new siliconic membrane levers that replace the previous mechanical switches and provide higher-efficiency electronics. The battery vain completely integrated and waterproof, contains three batteries that increase power and quality of the signal. Its ergonomic grip has a protection degree that makes it resistant to the immersion in water and totally afloat.

With YACHT CONTROLLER Evo it is possible to operate by yourself, from any part of the boat, the right engine, the left engine, the bow thruster, the stern thruster and/or the anchor winch, constantly maintaining the total control.

With an intuitive interface, to operate the engines forward and reverse, to operate the bow or the stern thrusters, you will just have to keep pressed the forward, the backward, the right or the left of the corresponding levers to the desired direction. When you stop pressing whatever lever on the transmitter, everything returns in the “neutral” position.

The YACHT CONTROLLER system is composed of two elements: the transmitter that enables the user to control the manoeuvre and the receiver that is installed inside the bridge and transmits the commands to the different systems on board.

The installation is very simple: you just have to connect the receiver to the control head and to the bow and the stern thrusters as well as to the anchor winch, according to what it is installed on the boat.

The system YACHT CONTROLLER is currently available for almost all the types of electronic controls these days on the market: Volvo EDC, Volvo EVC, Volvo EVC B2, ZF/Mathers, Microcommander, Teleflex, Twin Disc, Vetus, Bosch Rexroth, MTU Blue Line, Detroit DDEC, Caterpillar, MAN, etc. with an average pricing of 3 700€.

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