Cold champagne onboard, perfect balance


Bottler, the must-have onboard accessory for superyacht owners with a good taste for wine.

Bottler BV, a Dutch company, manufactures the ultimate onboard accessory to hold wine or champagne in ultimate balance, even when the vessel is in motion. Designed by a famous Dutch interior yacht designer, who was also responsible for the artist impressions and interior workshop drawings of the Paraffin. He was inspired by Gerolamo Cardano, the Italian physician, philosopher and mathematician, developed in 1537 his ‘cardanic suspension’ (gimbals), in order to hold the compass stably against the ships movements. It concerns of three concentric rings, in which the compass hangs always perpendicularly.

The Bottler is bespoke, manufactured by hand with watch-making precision and can be custom designed to match any interior. Price starts as from €5.000

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