Graf Ipanema: an apt name for a great boat!


10/2009 –

During last Cannes Baot Show, met an impressive unit. Whether as a tender to a superyacht or a fast sporty dayboat, the Graf Ipanema is true to the concept of classic boat building a la Riva. Meticulous planning governs every aspect of the design, choice of materials and construction methods. In the yard everything is done only with traditional tools. The Graf’s experienced boatbuilders work with both precision and intuition making the best of raw materials, wood, leather, chrome, resulting in worldclass craftsmanship from bow to stern.

Florian and Gunther Graf are boatbuilders situated between Munich and Lake Constance and established for over 40 years. Plans for this new, sporty, beautiful wooden motor boat were drawn up by the renowned naval architect, Winfried H. Wilke, and the result is proof indeed that it is still possible to create classics of this calibre in this technical age.

Their strength lies in the attention to detail. A technically perfect hull is one thing, but the elegant and unique appearance can only be accomplished by loving care in the detail. The hull is carvel-planked with triple skin diagonal mahogany, a method which may even surprise inveterate fans of classic boats. More importantly, the outer visible layer is made in one piece along the whole length of the boat.

It is the detailed quality of the craftsmanship and the chosen materials which make the deepest impression: fine oxhide and alcantara leather, high-grade woollen materials, finest wood (mahogany, teak, larch, oak, okourné) brass chroming and stainless steel and curved panoramic windscreen. The compact cabin of the boat provides a useful mobile changing area finished in matching woods and leather.

The motorization of the Graf Ipanema fulfils all desires: whether driven by a single drive with z-propeller for the pragmatist or with dual drive and v-gear for the purist, the speed, drive characteristics and high performance are simply the best. She remains straight and level whether running on a tight curve or surging forward and the control unit and the instruments are state of the art.

Boatbuilders may sometimes compromise their craftsmanship by just maintaining the best quality products where visible – but not the Ipanema. The Grafs aim to always use the best equipment everywhere – even the cabin is made of the finest materials seeking the ultimate perfection. There is enough space for six persons to sit comfortably around the mahogany table which can be folded and stowed away with the concealed champagne flutes, luxurious comfort for the skipper and one privileged mate. There is also ample storage space and a capacious cupboard cooler under the leather seating area. Aft is the essential solarium – also made of fine leather – with steps down to the teak anti-skid swim platform. Most of the fittings on and under the deck have been especially designed, moulded and chromed for the Ipanema or directly made in V4A stainless steel. All the modern drive kit is cleverly concealed so that nothing mars the nostalgic appeal of the interior.

“Tall and tan and young and lovely” sang Jobim in the classic song about the girl from Ipanema, an apt name for a great boat ! Tech Specs of Graf Ipanema

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