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11/2009 –

In the unmistakable Sanlorenzo line, matching elegance, balance of volumes, well balanced ratio between empties and full bodies, the Ameglia (La Spezia) shipyard was able to concentrate an extraordinary number of innovations, without nocking in any way the consistent family feeling of the Sanlorenzo planning fleet. After a broad and deep analysis of the concept, the Design Department of the shipyard – with the cooperation of different naval architects and designers – elaborated the project, in respect of the Sanlorenzo design tradition, which raised the conservation and the stability of its lines as the worthiest value in its yachts, considered as icons in the yachting business.

The external lines are updated to present-day requirements with delicate, but substantial touches on the gunwale line, on the windows, on the shape of the transom and the fly bridge. Francesco Paszkowski signed the exterior lines: the most significant element on the SL 100 New is the much larger windows than on the previous SL 100 model. The motor yacht is available with or without hard top. Its outline, its shape, its poles, and the shading system of the area are completely new design. On the bathing platform is mounted an original shower system composed by a pivoting arm which is hidden, when not in use, on the teak part of the transom gunwale.

Sanlorenzo, for the interior design of SanLorenzo SL100 New, sought the contribution of Dordoni Architetti, a Milanese architectural studio dealing long since with architectural planning and interior design. Dordoni Architetti’s planning choice was oriented to the application of the concept of modern housing to the nautical environment. To create this contemporary domestic surroundings, Dordoni Architetti followed principles of linearity, simplicity, sophistication and care of details.

Fundamental was the new interpretation of the space turning into a new distributive layout. The principal characteristic of the main deck is the path connecting the living room with the dining room/family lounge at prow, which creates a strong spatial continuity permitting an immediate and full perception of the yacht, from stern to prow, and achieving a depth of field very unusual for yachts of similar size.

On the lower deck Dordoni Architetti operated for subtraction, reducing the number of cabins to three, so as to increase their comfort, creating a new distribution able to readjust the classics of nautical word in a new and innovative manner. Going downstairs a private lounge, lit by natural light, leads to the ship-owner’s cabin and to the two guests’ ones.

Use of natural materials – wood, marble, linen and silk – combined with “unusual” ones for the nautical word – like bronze and polished steel used for walls and ceiling covering – turns into a very simple and refined concept.

The owner’s cabin, the guest and crew cabins, the living area, the dining room, the stairs and the entire wheel house have been produced thanks to the know-how that Cassina has acquired over the years, right from its first projects. In fact in the 50s and 60s Cassina provided furnishings for the celebrated ships Andrea Doria, Raffaello and Michelangelo, marking its entrance in the naval contract sector. Cassina’s consolidated experience in the craftsmanship of wood is enhanced by the expertise in integrating different materials not traditionally used in the nautical sector. The ability of combining teak with polished steel, bronzed surfaces and reflective glass is the result of the commitment of the Cassina Contract Division in best responding to the designer’s desires and the client’s requirements.

On the lower deck Sanlorenzo Design Department worked with Dordoni to realize three equal cabins, of the same importance, connected by a wide lobby, devoted to relaxing or as a further occasional sleeping area. As all the Sanlorenzos, also the SL 100 New is totally customizable. This first unit is only one of the many possible solution the shipyard, specialized in “only tailor made” yachts, can offer to its customers, realizing with its designers a boat for each customer.

SL 100 New is powered by two MTUs 16V2000M93 with 1,790kW (2,435 HP) that can assure to the yacht a maximum speed of 28 knots and a continuous cruising speed of 26 knots. Techs Specs of SanLorenzo 100 New Photo Gallery of SanLorenzo SL100 New

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