Privilège 745 : convoying to Haïti


01/2010 –

For more than 10 years, the Director of Alliaura Marine has been deeply involved in the development of an orphanage in Haïti.

After the catastrophe which occurred last week, the Group wishes to reinforce its support by sending a Privilège 745 full of food and medicines. Located far away from the earthquake’s epicentre, the orphanage is still running but children are shocked and they urgently need food.

Usually, they get fresh supplies from the biggest Haïtian cities, but due to the current situation and the road network which has been highly damaged, it is not possible to get anything from there. This is the reason why 5 tonnes (11023 lbs) of flour, sugar, milk, oil, pasta, rice, canned vegetables, soap, medicines and clothes will be loaded on board the Privilège 745.

The yacht will leave Les Sables d’Olonne at the end of the week to help the children of the orphanage. After the Atlantic crossing, some French people living there for over 12 years will welcome the yacht and its crew in order to secure the unloading. Then they will distribute progressively the supplies depending on the needs. Hopefully this help will provide some weeks of “serenity” to the orphanage which welcomes more and more child every day.

Alliaura Marine joins several municipalities like the Town Hall of Saumur, companies, individuals, the association named “L’île aux enfants d’Haïti” from Saint Brieuc, the Lions Club and the Rotary Club of Le Mans to organise this operation right in time.

More informations : Alliaura Marine’s website.


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