Chantier Naval Couach – CNC concludes its latest Luxury Mega Yacht Sale, 5000 FLY


03/2010 –

CNC has now agreed the sale of their first bespoke 50-metre Mega Yacht, the Couach 5000 FLY, confirming its position as one of the leading European Luxury Yachts builder.

Following the recent announcement of the sale of 15 patrol boats to the Indian Navy, CNC has now continued to build on its rapid development within the Luxury Mega Yacht Market by finalising the first sale of its 50-metre Mega Yacht, the Couach 5000 FLY, to an Ukrainian magnate.

The 5000 FLY is an outstanding luxury yacht that combines Couach’s traditional expertise of building luxury yachts and military patrol boats:

  • Using high technologies composite materials the Superstructure and hull are entirely built in Glass Kevlar® with carbon reinforcement
  • The yacht is a super light (280 T) 50 metres length overall over 4 decks.
  • With over 500 m2 of living space, entirely made-to-measure to the Client’s tastes and specific requirements, the expert designer and architect Jean-Pierre Fantini, a pioneer within interior design world of Mega Yachts, was entrusted to lead the complete project.
  • Powered by two new-generation engines of 2 x 5.300 HP engines, the Couach 5000 Fly out classes all the other well known mega yachts of the market;
  • Capable of crossing the Atlantic with an extremely economical fuel consumption of below 200 l/hr at 12kts thanks to the unique keel design, this versatile mega yacht can also accelerate up to 30 kts when required. The yachts’ performance is outstanding for a boat of this size.

This Mega Yacht is under construction and is progressing very well. She is due to be delivered to the client in the summer of 2011 and will be on display as one of the latest and innovative mega yacht designs during the Cannes and Monaco Yacht Shows of 2011.

This first sale of the Couach 5000 Fly in the Mega Yacht market is the result of years of dedicated hard work and investment on behalf of the entire Couach team. This ‘breakthrough’ sale further increases and underlines the Couach Brand’s reputation worldwide as a leading producer and designer in the made-to-measure luxury mega yacht sector CNC continues to build and develop its wining strategy and ambitions within the complementary markets of luxury yachts and military patrol boats. Further interested clients and parties have already been established regarding sales of other luxury yachts and new military patrol boats tenders which will lead to further business success for this historical French Shipyard. Tech Specs of Couach 5000 FLY

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