WMRT 2010 : Ainslie Maestro of Marstrand and Richard Remains Top of World Match Racing Tour Standings


Living legend Ben Ainslie (GBR) TEAMORIGIN dominated Torvar Mirsky (AUS) Mirsky Racing Team going through to the final on 3-1. The ultimate show down came between Ainslie and Radich with Ainslie storming through with 2 comprehensive wins over Radich in light, twitchy conditions. The Brit got what he wanted today becoming 2010’s ‘Maestro of Marstrand’. Holmberg kept in the picture wining 2-1 over Mirsky appearing on the podium in 3rd place.

Ainslie kept his foot on Radich’s throat at all match moments today giving Radich Racing Team no room to breath. There was a constant dialogue onboard TEAMORIGIN, this tight team sailed smart and fast without any inkling of these professionals freezing up under pressure. Boat on boat contact was registered between Ainslie and Radich during the final stages of the pre-start to match 2. The umpires were quick to act and gave Radich a red flag penalty requiring him to take it immediately. The ball was then very firmly in Ainslie’s court as he took clear advantage and led right round the course.

A forward thinking Ainslie is looking into building a solid World Match Racing Tour campaign for the final half of this 2010 Tour season. “It looks like we can do a couple more events now, we can do the Argo Group Match Cup in Bermuda and there’s the new Qingdao Match Cup event so it gives us the opportunity to hopefully get enough scores in. I think it’s going to be hard because we’re not doing as many events as the others, so the strike ratio for us has to be a lot higher”.

The Tour will be rewarding Marstrand’s organisers for their branding efforts during last year’s event at the Closing Ceremony dinner this evening. Stena Match Cup Sweden was awarded the ‘ISAF World Match Racing Tour Best Branding Award’ to highlight their commitment to on site event branding during the 2009 Tour event. With such a successful event 2010 could also be an award winning year for this highly organised venue.

At the beginning of Sweden Ainslie and Radich were equal in the WMRT standings at 7th with 20 points. After Ainslie’s win today he now overtakes Peter Gilmour (AUS) YANMAR Racing and moves up into 5th place. Radich now actually drops down into 8th position overall even though he was 2nd this week. The rise and falls in the standings demonstrates how every point counts. Richard still remains out on top 17 points clear of Mirsky. The first half of this year’s 10 event World Series has provided World Match Racing Tour teams with ample racing travelling round Europe and to Asia. The teams will now be analysing the first half of their 2010 Tour and strategising for the final half which kicks off at St Moritz Match Race towards the end of August with the Tour culminating in Malaysia at the Monsoon Cup during December.

Stena Match Cup Sweden 2010 overall Standings:

Pos Name Nation Team
1 Ben Ainslie (GBR) Team Origin
2 Jesper Radich (SWE) Radich Racing Team
3 Magnus Holmberg (SWE) Victory Challenge
4 Torvar Mirsky (AUS) Mirsky Racing Team
5 Ian Williams (GBR) Team GAC Pindar
6 Francesco Bruni (ITA) Azzurra
7 Mathieu Richard (FRA) Equipe de France Match Racing
8 Damien Iehl (FRA) Equipe de France Match Racing
9 Staffan Lindberg (FIN) Alandia Sailing Team
10 Peter Gilmour (AUS) Yanmar Racing
11 Adam Minoprio (NZL) Black Match Racing Team
12 Johnie Berntsson (SWE) Berntsson Sailing Team


World Match Racing Tour 2010 Standings (after 5 events on 10)

Pos Name Nation Team Pts
1 Mathieu Richard (FRA) Equipe de France Match Racing 77
2 Torvar Mirsky (AUS) Mirsky Racing Team 60
3 Adam Minoprio (NZL) Black Match Racing Team 54
4 Ian Williams (GBR) Team GAC Pindar 52
5 Ben Ainslie (GBR) Team Origin 45
6 Peter Gilmour (AUS) Yanmar Racing 43
7 Franceso Bruni (ITA) Azzurra Racing 41
8 Jesper Radich (SWE) Radich Racing Team 40

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Photo credit : Loris von Siebenthal – myimage / World Match Racing Tour


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