La Route du Rhum/La Banque Postale: OMAN AIR MAJAN – Sidney Gavignet activates distress beacon

At 1648hrs (GMT+1) the skipper of Oman Air Majan, Sidney Gavignet called to say that his boat has suffered a major damage to the leeward front beam.

Oman Air Majan was sailing in headwinds of 20 knots, but the conditions were not extreme.

Sidney Gavignet  has activated his distress beacon. He has put on his survival suit and is uninjured. He is in the central pod and is clear of the water.

Course Director Jean Maurel is in contact with the Portuguese MRCC to coordinate the rescue and is in permanent contact with Sidney and his shore team.

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As outlined in the last statement at 18: 30 CET (GMT+1), OMAN AIR MAJAN received substantial damage to the leeward front beam, and it is confirmed that OMAN AIR MAJAN has lost her mast.  The port float is under the main beam; due to the serious nature of damage, and the uncertainty, the skipper Sidney Gavignet has made the difficult decision to abandon the boat.

At 20: 51 CET (GMT+1) skipper Sidney Gavignet was picked up by a bulk carrier called Cavo Alexander which was en route to Turkey. Sidney is safe and well and is in contact with his shore team via satellite phone.  The bulk carrier is 840 miles from Gibralter and is expected there in two days.

More details : Website of La Route du Rhum/La Banque Postale

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Photo Credit: M. Lloyd

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