CRN 52m Classic: return to the 70s and 80s style

By blending the seventies and the eighties style with the technology of the new millennium, CRN, the ship yard and brand of the Ferretti Group, has created Classic 52m, a new, completely customized, steel and aluminum displacement mega yacht project, where luxury becomes “social” and innovation blends in harmoniously with a timeless design.

The shapes of the “Classic 52m” are squarish, “pure” and inspired to the nautical period dating back to the seventies through to the mid-eighties, during which the ship yard has manufactured two prestigious boats, namely the 47 metre “Azzurra” and the 61 metre “Il Vagabondo“.

The 52 metre mega yacht, was developed from the CRN naval architectural solutions, in collaboration with   Studio Zuccon International Project and meets the ship owners’ greater need to be flexible.  This new layout allows one to have closer contact with the sea, thanks to the outdoor “beach club” at the stern, on the terrace of the ship owner’s suite, and the presence of the three tenders on board, one of which is eight instead of two metres long.

The boat, with its 5 bridges, easily accommodates up to 12 passengers in five guest cabins (a master cabin and four guest cabins) and 12 crew members.  It sails with absolute comfort at a maximum speed of 15.5 knots and a cruising speed of 14.5 knots, thanks to two CATERPILLAR C32-C engines.

The tenders are located in three different areas.  The first one is at the lower deck aft, with a lateral exit from the garage.  The second one is in the technical area at the bow of the main deck, while the third one is a real novelty with reference to the past of CRN and is situated amidships of the main deck.  In the latter case the tender is positioned as though it was in an art gallery, place in the lounge area with the dining room on its left.

Once the tender is at sea, this multipurpose space is transformed into a beautiful lounge area, which extends up to the large panoramic terrace and integrates perfectly with the dining room on the left, creating a harmonious “Al Fresco” dining, which is functional and nice for the ship owner and the guests, just as it used to be on the CRN boats during the seventies and the eighties.

The open stern of the Classic 52m was an evolution of the solution proposed earlier by CRN.  The door closes while sailing and opens again when the boats stops or is anchored, forming a social area.  However, on this mega yacht the “beach club” is very close to the sea.  An intermediate solution between that proposed by the ship yard for two of its mega yachts of great success, namely, “Ability” and “Blue Eyes”. Moreover, two wide lateral openings create an airy space at the stern, allowing unobstructed sea views.

The main deck is centred around a large dining room:  around this sort of “gallery” there is a lounge area with a real dining room that has a panoramic view.  The cockpit is characterized by very large spaces, which become almost like a second sun deck.  On the lower deck, where the garage is normally situated, a space has been created to store the second tender which allows the ship owner’s guests to comfortably reach the beach.

The large cockpit on the upper deck features a dining room for twelve people, a large lounge area with sofas and lounge chairs facing the stern for sunbathing .

The sun deck has a central bar area with a hard top, a sunbathing area at the stern and an area with sun beds and a central table facing towards the stern .

“Some of the choices made for the Classic 52 m have been derived from analogue situations studied on yachts that have made history for our ship yard, and that could later be used for other models of our fleet” explained Luca Boldrini, CRN sales director. “CRN is moving more and more towards the concept of ships that want to make their owner feel ‘at home’ and where the attention given to the guests is further accentuated.  The Classic 52 will also be a product of “simple” luxury with extreme attention given to the common and social spaces for the guests”, Boldrini concludes.

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