Burger Boat Company and Seaton Yachts announce Development of Seaton Expedition Eighty-Three

Seaton Yachts announced plans to develop and market with Burger Boat Company the Seaton Expedition Eighty-Three. Seaton has chosen Burger to build the Seaton Expedition Eighty-Three to ICE CLASS 1D standards at Burger’s shipyard in Manitowoc, WI, USA.

The Seaton Expedition Eighty-Three is designed for unlimited ocean service, with the range to cross any ocean at 10 to 12 knots. Commercially-rated diesel engines provide redundancy and safety for extended cruising in remote areas. With twin engines, bow and stern thrusters, and hydraulic mooring capstans, the Seaton Expedition Eighty-Three is an exceptional seaworthy, long range yacht that is easy to maneuver.

The Seaton Expedition Eighty-Three tri-deck configuration will be elegantly finished with an astonishing amount of living space. Designed to be operated and maintained solely by the owner, the Seaton Expedition Eighty-Three offers self-contained crew quarters for owners choosing to have crew.

The main deck will feature full walk-around side decks and high, solid bulwarks, providing on-deck protection and security in any sea conditions. Watertight exterior doors, heavy-duty windows, and big-ship features such as automatic tank vent closures are all part of a motor vessel designed for ocean travel. She is designed and built for extended life aboard at sea, at anchor or dockside.

The foredeck houses a large primary tender and a small flotilla of waterborne toys and shore-going necessities such as motorbikes. All can be launched from either side using the high-capacity hydraulic foredeck crane.

The Seaton Expedition Eighty-Three will undergo extended sea trials prior to delivery, along with comprehensive training for the owners regarding operation of the ship and her systems.  When delivered, the yacht will be “bring your toothbrush—complete” and ready to go cruising.

Carefully engineered, thoughtfully equipped, and beautifully finished, the Seaton Expedition Eighty-Three is a big boat for cruisers with big plans.

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