Kardis Akuma 50: a RIB with comfort like a yacht

Italian builders Kardis have recently launched their 16 meter maxi RIB Akuma 50 to break away from any competitor on the international market. The expertise of specialist designer Andrea Cardinetti and his team was fundamental to deliver a product whose distinctive feature is exclusiveness.

Maxi RIB Akuma 50’s sleek, sinuous and aerodynamic lines are emphasized in the aggressiveness of its deck shapes. Akuma 50 stands out from the crowd because of both the aesthetics of its design and the greater functionality of its inflatable structure. A construction essential at the same time that they are an ornamental element of any inflatable design, tubes on Akuma 50 are positioned midship to aft to enhance the seaworthiness of this boat.

Akuma’s deck is conceived to host guests in large numbers. The ample sunpad at aft is centrally walkable to the cockpit. Cockpit space is well arranged with two comfortable, generous L-shaped sofas and tables, while a superb console, complete with ergonomical pilot and copilot seats, is adequately protected behind a curved windscreen.
Akuma 50’s high-end console technology easily meets with the demands of most exacting owners. Attractively slanting forward, the roll bar emphasizes Akuma’s sports design. Forward, there is generous living space defined by fiberglass bulwarks on both sides to protect tubes internally. Harmoniously designed, tubes are set above the waterline forward to facilitate larger cabin space below deck.

Interiors live up to expectations: the design concept is aligned to a philosophy of luxury and exclusiveness. Designers opted for an open plan where the feeling of space is accentuated in the absence of partitions, except for private facilities and shower. High quality finishes and laquers and a wise choice in the decor, individualizable to reflect clients’ requests, contribute to a soft, elegant atmosphere.

Also of a fundamental importance, powerful twin 750 HP Yanmar engines and Jolly surface drive propel luxury Akuma 50 beyond 44 knots. A Yanmar-ZF joystick system is also an option to facilitate manoeuvring.

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