Perini Navi SY Seahawk : 60m performance and comfort under sail

The new Perini Navi 60m Seahawk, a natural evolution of the series of Perini 56m sailing yachts of which ten have been launched to date, is especially fast and extremely comfortable with abundant outdoor spaces. Numerous design, technology and architectural innovations are present on this new type of sailing yacht.

Hull shape innovations
The hull, designed by Perini Navi in collaboration with Ron Holland, is even more sleek than her predecessor and has a perfect proportion between her waterline of 50.43m and her maximum beam of 11.40m making for a very fast yacht.

With a hull and superstructure in aluminium, the yacht has an optimized displacement of 570 tons and a tonnage of less than 500 tons, within the limits for a certain type of vessel. The yacht’s lifting keel also has some important innovations: a new shape will allow for better speed and efficiency. The draught ranges from 4.30m to 12.30.

Technological innovations
New captive reel winches
A new generation of Perini Navi captive reel winches has been created and installed on this yacht. The winches were designed and constructed by the Perini Navi Mast Department to assure stronger reeling power and faster manoeuvring. For the jib sail these new winches can reel in a maximum weight of 30 tons at a speed of 40m per minute. They are managed from a dedicated sensor to assure top performance no matter what the weather conditions may be. The innovative sensors can measure the load and regulate the reeling speed to the maximum possible.
These winches are smaller than the previous Perini captive reel winches thanks to the use of new materials that are lighter weight and more efficient.

New Flush Deck Furlers
Completely redesigned using state of the art materials, the head sail furlers are not only much more powerful than they were on previous Perini yachts but they are also built with their motors under the deck. The motors are designed with hydraulic cylinders that can regulate tension on the Cunningham. Not only functionality but design are greatly improved by these innovations.

New Sail Plan Hardware
New and innovative tracks that are small but can carry loads of up to 30 tons have been installed for the headsail sheets. Performance and safety are guaranteed by the use of materials such as extra resistant steel and titanium in these components. Thanks to this innovation the lateral passages of the yacht are uncluttered and safer while the yacht looks leaner and fast.

Sail Plan
Seahawk is a ketch with a total sail plan of 2,125 square meters mounted on two aluminium masts. The main mast is 62m high and the mizzen is 52m. The boom is in carbon fibre as are the spreaders, the forestay foils and the diagonals. And for the first time on a Perini Navi ketch, carbon fibre has been used for the standing rigging.

The masts have benefited from Perini Navi’s advanced research in the area of structural design; research has made for the construction of lighter weight masts that are stronger than ever. Optimization was aimed primarily at areas such as materials and structural reinforcements. The result has been that the sum of Seahawk’s two masts equals the weight of the main mast alone on the first 56m launched, Burrasca in 2003. The decreased weight is accompanied by increased performance and has allowed for 70 tons less ballast in the keel and a lighter displacement.

Following up on feedback received over the years from other yachts in the Perini Navi fleet, the organization of the mast base area has been completely changed with the creation of a new structure that makes pre-tensioning of the mast much simpler, allowing for more precise load calculations and greater safety.

On the mast head halyards have new and simpler routes, there are new lighting supports and new electronic instruments that make sail handling simpler.

This project of innovation was carried out in collaboration with Lloyd Register of London that certified it. The final result has been a simpler production process and  masts that are both more rigid and better performing.

Mast structure: laminates and reinforcements
Also for the first time, new inspection hatches have been built along the mast so that it is easy to check on the structure and fix any problems that may arise with halyards and other internal components.

Design innovations
In terms of design, the yacht’s layout has been completely revisited with a lighter and smaller coachroof and superstructure. This project is a standout for the abundance of exterior living spaces with both fore and aft cockpits that allow guests to enjoy the open air in maximum comfort. The fore deck has two 21 foot tenders wells built flush to the deck and feels like a large and wide terrace on the sea that offers abundant spaces for outdoor living.

Aft the transom opens hydraulically and becomes a platform on the sea, complete with an elegant internal staircase. The yacht also has a side shell door that is perfect both for swimming and for boarding or launching tenders and toys form the lazarette.

Seahawk’s interiors where designed by the French decorator Christian Liaigre who has created an elegant and refined ambience that is both modern and marine. The main saloon has three principal areas, a dining area, a living area and an office corner, all of which revolve around the central staircase. These indoor areas are separated from the cockpit by a transparent glass wall and from the pilothouse by a glass wall that can be darkened. The central staircase leads down to the cabins and up to the flying bridge. There are four en-suite guest cabins. The owner’s suite is full beam and has an innovative design solution with double beds placed facing each other on opposite sides of the cabin. During charters, the cabin can be divided with a removable wall to become two independent en-suite cabins for a total of six guest cabins.

In the crew area there is a large laundry room for washing, drying and ironing while there are also abundant refrigerators and storage areas under the deck. The crew area counts five cabins and a Captain’s cabin.

For the first time on a Perini Navi yacht the aft cockpit can be completely enclosed.

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