Régates Royales 2014 : Show guaranteed!

For the coming five days the Bay of Cannes will guarantee the traditional show, everyone has been waiting for, year after year. And this year the weather conditions with strong winds expected, should make for an even more action packed regatta. Crews for both the Classics and Dragons are busy with the final preparations while the event organisers and race officers are dealing to paperwork to finalise the latest entries.

The ritual remains unchanged for the past 35 years: Classics and Dragons will compete on a race area most of the sailors know well but that every year offers something new and unexpected. For the first racing day, crews will be faced with challenging conditions, the forecast already predicts breeze of 15 to 17 knots. A good start to the competition that will force competitors to double check even the slightest detail on board and to sail their old jewels with extreme care. The rest of the week should be marked by variable conditions, with a small low pressure system passing over the Cote d’Azur on Wednesday, generating moderate winds. But from Thursday, Cannes will be back being its usual beautiful self, with sunny skies and light winds of around ten knots. Not a bad plan of action for sailors and the spectators who are expectecd to flock in large numbers to watch a fascinating sailing show.

On the eve of competition, whilst some have decided to spend time on the water to perfect manoeuvres, the sail trim or the boat settings, most of the one design Dragon fleet is being put in the water and working on having their mast stepped and preparing for racing tomorrow. Always a numerous fleet, some 50 have entered this year and hope to win the title. This is the only class where real time results rule and each race is taken on as if it were the only one. Thirteen nations are represented in the class including entries from Australia, Russia, Estonia, Finland, France, Sweden, Great Britain…

Time for the centenarians
With 16 centenary boats, the classic fleet is the perfect example of the Regates Royales’ spirit of yachting. Two yachts, Moonbeam IV and Morwenna celebrate their 100th anniversary and join the centenarians’ club. Considering the passion the owners have it is likely that more will join what is becoming a popular and very impressive club.

The Regates Royales is the perfect showcase of what the finest the yachting world has produced since the end of the 19th century and this week is the ideal opportunity to see these beautiful yachts in their element.

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