Strider 19 : Super tender to mega yachts

The project is the brainchild of the Italian designer Christian Grande, who designed the style, and the Naiad studio in New Zealand, who designed the hull.

Strider 19 is the biggest tender ever made, a luxurious rigid inflatable boat for mega yachts. As the matter of fact, the first one will accompany a luxury 77 meters ship in her cruises around the world.

It is made with the highest technology and it is prepared and furnished with care, taste and elegance typical of a Made in Italy products. Its technical characteristics, such as the deep-V hull, the low center of gravity, and the huge tubes allow cruising fast in all sea conditions.

The most powerful engine equipment consists of two 1200 hp engines. The first model produced is equipped by twin Caterpillar 1150 hp; it reaches a top speed of 50 knots and the highest cruising speed is about 45 knots.

The deck is like a huge “beach area” capable of accommodating up to 22 people, corresponding to maximum capacity on board according to European Certification. The sunbathing and sundeck areas are larger than any other on boats of this size.

The wide comfortable living is furnished by two extendible tables and many sofas. The external kitchen, in addition to the one that can be fitted below the deck, is perfectly equipped for parties and dinners on board.

Anyway, layout and décor can be chosen by the owner. The Strider 19 is a partially custom made product and many parts of it can be personalized as desired.

Below deck there are two large cabins, one double and one triple, a bathroom and a dinette; all of them are luxuriously finished and equipped.

The helm station is very safe and comfortable; the enveloping windshield, four anatomical seats and two sliding doors give the best protection to the cockpit, so the captain and his crew can cruise quickly even for a long time and many miles.

Sacs is a world leader in super tender for mega yachts and also produces very fast tenders, as the Strider Esse R, and very exclusive rigid inflatable boats, as the Strider Gran Coupe, as well as many other models of the Top Class series from 8 to 19 meters and of the Sport Class series from 5 to 12 meters.

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