The Gavio group to acquire Bertram

Argo Finanziaria, holding of the Gavio Group (also owner of Baglietto and Cerri) has announced they have signed a letter of intent with Ferretti to takeover Bertram, the acquisition is expected to be finalised by 31 March 2015.

Bertram has been established in the US by Richard Bertram in 1960, and became a leading brand in the yachting industry with performance and stylish yachts.

The acquisition of Bertram by the Gavio Group follows the takeover of Baglietto in 2012 and Cerri in 2011 and not only signs the extension of its range, but also the creation for the group of a powerful platform in the yachting segment, with costs optimizations, channel sales integration, and ressources sharing in the US market.

Mr Beniamino Gavio, President of Argofin and Baglietto said: “Bertram is for sure the brand most similar to Baglietto as they share many common features: a family history characterised by legendary yachts; records broken and competitions won; a logo that, for both brands, is a symbol of freedom and strength (the eagle and the seagull); and a very strong national identity that goes hand in hand with far-reaching international fame”.

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