The Bénéteau First 45 is determined to be First more than ever as a cruiser-racer.


11/2007 –

The First 45, designed by Philippe Briand, which will be unveiled at its preview during the next Paris Boat Show, benefits from many innovations and clever ideas.

A very well designed hull:
The hull, innovative for maximum performance, takes rating constraints into account. As a result, the hull’s wide transom and gradually decreasing bilge aft give more power (hull stability) and maximum waterline length when sailing.

In this way this intelligent and efficient hull allows the boat’s performance to be optimised within the rating constraints. When stopped (in measurement conditions) the waterline length is the minimum, whilst when moving (sailing) the low-angled counter allows the waterline length to increase (transom in the water), a predominant speed factor.

Optimised deck and sail plans:
The open transom facilitates access to the water whilst the stern cross-member increases safety. The First 45 has the benefit of a mainsheet traveller for perfect adjustment in light weather. The primary winches are developed for more efficient sailing with a crew. The German mainsheet system gives more precision and better communication between the helm and mainsheet trimmer.

Optimum angle on the wind for beating:
The shortened coachroof allows the genoa track to be positioned nearer the centre line of the boat for the best windward sailing with optimum angle on the wind.

The sail plan has also been thought out in response to the rating constraints and for the most efficiency. The IRC favours the small overlap. To avoid reducing the sail area and loss of performance, a version with an extended carbon mast will be proposed when the boat first comes out, in order to gain in aerodynamic efficiency whilst still taking the rating into account:

  • less penalised in IRC racing,
  • the mast height compensates for the lack of jib overlap,
  • the aerodynamic efficiency of an extended rig is better,
  • the spinnakers are just as big.

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