Gianni Zuccon: “I struggle to keep on top”

08/2010 – There’s no need to introduce Gianni Zuccon. However, this Italian designer heading the Zuccon International Project based in Roma, prefers to stay in the shade. You can talk with him about his spouse, Paola Galeazzi, about the uncompromising Norberto Ferretti, about design, yachts, the crisis, the ecology, the future… anything you want, except […]

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  • 2009: Electricity… in the water

    01/2009 – 2009 promisses to be a year of changes and mutations. May be have we reached the end of certain systems and models. The yachting industry will take part to those mutations. Following the well-known quote “The chance always smiles to those who dare”, some shipyards and architects were not scared by putting electricity […]

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