Mastercraft Maristar 280 SST : luxury day-cruisers are on their way!

Master-Craft-MariStar-280-SSTAlready well known in water-skiing and wakeboarding circles, the Isle of Man shipyard is expanding into the luxury day-cruiser market with its Maristar series.

For water-skiing and wakeboarding, criteria such as manoeuvrability and power are essential. These boats are also required to produce a perfect wake, and are equipped with flaps and ballasts (and a Perfect Pass system). The characteristic catamaran shape of the bow provides space for more passengers, although the hull, of course, is not shaped like a catamaran.

The Maristar series stands for powerful, comfortable, spacious boats with exceptionally good handling. There are 4 models: the Maristar 210, 230, Maristar 245 and 280 (the catamaran shaped bow is available only on the Maristar 245 and 280). All standard models come with the usual day-cruiser equipment. The 280 SST, the most powerful in the series, comes with 2×385 HP or 2×450 HP engines – that’s around 900 HP packed into a 2500 kg boat!

Our driver was Rodo Vinh Tung, world wakeboard champion in 2001, who finds these boats so easy to handle that the bow thruster (a standard feature) is superfluous! At high speed, the turning radius is truly impressive, with a tilt close to 30°.

With these models, Mastercraft is targeting the luxury tender and day-cruiser markets, and is presently recruiting distributors between Menton and St Tropez.

These gems will hopefully soon be available for rental so we can all enjoy them to the full.

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