Sarnico 60 : A new “coupé”

CANTIERI di SARNICOAt the coming Genoa Boat Show (from October the 8th to the 16th, 2005), Cantieri di Sarnico will exhibit its latest model: the Sarnico 60.

This model too presents the unmistakable distinctive lines on the new concept by Nuvolary & Lenard: the shifting of the deck forward enlarges the cockpit dimensions, the double side windows allow an unusual panoramic view for this kind of boats and the roof, which uncovers the cockpit up to the windshield, enhances the sensation of speed in the pilot house.

Born with the Sarnico 65 model and developed with the Sarnico 50, the “coupé” lines attain their maximum of expression on this model, which distinguishes itself not only for elegance, finishes and construction quality but also for the refined design, capable to anticipate a new style.

The spaciousness of the external lines and the easy movement in each and every area, staircase to aft quarter and side passages included, have been one of the most important targets of the project. Under deck the height and beam of the boat have allowed to obtain roomy and comfortable spaces. The interior lay-out has been studied to offer to each and every cabin the maximum in privacy. The one of the owner, placed amidships, take advantages of the maximum height and being located near the centre of gravity enjoys the maximum in stability too.

The central engine room ensures a dynamic balance and divides the aft cabin from the other living area. The Vip cabin is on the other side at the opposite side, at bow. Huge storage area and big wardrobes allow to keep on board a rich wardrobe. The furnishing in line with the style of the 50, enhances the design of the precious woods, all chosen with accuracy. Very nice exotic woods are used for the finishings.

As on all other models, materials and construction techniques achieve the maximum level quality.

NauticNews Tech Specs of Sarnico 60

The range of Cantieri di Sarnico on NauticNews

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