Sarnico 60 first tests in Spain

01/2006 –

First tests in Spain

The Sarnico 60, the last model of the coupé range of the homonymous shipyard (see our article), after its début at Genoa Boat Show, has undergone the first navigation tests along the Spanish coast, in occasion of Barcelona Boat Show, with the presence of the international press. The tested model was equipped with two 1100 hp Man engines, with the most modern and efficient electronically controlled common rail injection system. With a charge up to 50% of the allowed maximum, the boat has achieved exactly the performance estimated whilst still under project: cruising speed of 34 knots at 2000 r.p.m and maximum speed of 39 knots at 2340 r.p.m. The hull and the propulsion system have been optimized in order to obtain the best efficiency at cruising rates and, particularly at these speeds, the least screw slip and an excellent ratio between fuel consumption and navigated miles have been registered. At 26 knots about 180 litres/hour were sufficient, for a range of about 360 miles. The navigation comfort aboard the new Sarnico 60 is underlined by a noisiness contained within 85 dBA at cruising speeds and by a very mild behaviour during the passage on waves. The excellent agility in course changing makes driving funny and safe.

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