The Rizzardi Group changes skin

03/2006 –

The Rizzardi Group changes logo and becomes: INRIZZARDI. More modern,
distinctive and dynamic, it conveys and
represents the involvement of sea experience. INRIZZARDI primarily
symbolizes ‘togetherness' as of a ‘family'.

The colors were chosen to represent passionate yacht builders (Red),
and the expanse of the sea (Blue). The prefix IN is for sharing-in at
Rizzardi, for the communities who are a part in the Rizzardi world. The
notion of "Family" is major in the new identity of the shipyard.

Parallely, the Group launches a new advertising communication campaign,
with is a big visual impact (see below), strong and mild at the same time,
transmitting with great immediacy all that is behind the group.

The INRIZZARDI Group is made of Rizzardi, Posillipo and Italcraft.

More details:

– AlP –

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