CAMRA: Boats registered under foreign flags


07/2009 – Publi-report

Why register your yacht outside of France?

  • Because some countries are more attractive on the subject of rights and maritime taxes.

Why choose the Seychelles Flag?

  • Because the republic of Seychelles is a member of the United Nations, the Commonwealth,  the O.U.A (Organization of African Unity), the Commission of the Indian Ocean and the International Maritime Organization (OMI). The Seychelles Flag is a « proper » Flag.
  • Because the Taxation advantages are very important:

– No VAT
– No custom tax
– No capital gain tax  in case of resale
– No sale duties
– Exclusion of personal heritage

  • Because the rate of registration of yachts whatever be the tonnage it is all-inclusive price (2.500 € radio license  included), the maintenance of the Flag is only 390 € per year.

The company Cote D’azur Registered Agents Ltd , specialized in the maritime rights for 10 years,  put in place some legal structures including the advantages linked to the Seychelles Flag and to the  tax of the specific country. They move with someone from the SMSA (Seychelles Maritime Safety Administration) to verify the case and if necessary the good state of the yacht from time to time. The authorization can be released from then on from this inspection and the boat can thus be directly registered without any intermediate in a permanent way.

These structures are totally legal and are responsive to the international arrangements, the boats under the Seychelles Flag should leave only once every 18 months the port that they are tied to if they are located in the European Community.
The company CAMRA registers all kind of ships, boating, yachts, mega yachts, old rigging, sport boats, charter and researcher boats…….

– Dominique GUICHARD –


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