Garmin® adds High-Definition to its Open-Array Radars, offering higher Power, more Performance and better Resolution


09/2009 –

Garmin has announced its next generation of open-array digital radar scanners – the GMR™ 1204/1206 xHD and the GMR 604/606 xHD – setting the standard for high-definition performance and target detection, transmitting with 12 and 6 kilowatts of power respectively.

“These new open-array scanners transmit more power than before, making them the ideal solution for today’s mariner who demands a high-power, high-performance radar that will deliver incredible target detection and detail,” said Dan Bartel, Garmin’s vice president of worldwide sales. “Whether it’s a yachtsman entering the harbor on a foggy evening, or a sport fisherman looking for birds in the distance, those on the water will see what’s out there sooner, and with more confidence.”

The powerful 6-foot GMR 1206 xHD and GMR 606 xHD feature a 1.1-degree horizontal and 25-degree vertical beamwidth, which offers outstanding clarity, precision and target definition. The GMR 1204 xHD and GMR 604 xHD boast a 4-foot antenna that focuses energy with a 1.8-degree horizontal and 25-degree vertical beamwidth. All four open-array scanners have a maximum effective range of 72 nautical miles and offer selectable rotation speeds from 24 RPM to 48 RPM for rapid target updates.

These new xHD scanners provide up to eight times more sampling data than Garmin’s current open-array offerings, so mariners won’t miss a thing.  And for the ultimate in situational awareness, these new radar units also incorporate a Dual Range feature that allows a Garmin network-compatible multi-function display (MFD) to display two ranges simultaneously, so users can see both close and distant targets on one display. Like other Garmin radar devices, these new units also support MARPA (Mini Automatic Radar Plotting Aid) collision avoidance capability, which allows mariners to track the course, speed, and predicted closest approach of multiple targets (with optional heading sensor).

Each new four and six-foot open-array scanner features automatic and manual sensitivity and tuning controls, including gain, sea clutter, and rain clutter – which allows users to spend less time tuning the unit and more time navigating. Mariners will also benefit as these units transmit data over the Garmin Marine Network™, a 100-megabit plug-and-play proprietary network that allows the user to expand the boat’s system as needed. This network can provide important situational awareness data like GPS, radar, sonar and weather directly on a GPSMAP® 4000 or 5000 MFD.

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